Sunday, August 21, 2011

phoenix photographer | newborn

i have been waiting for this little man forever. so amazingly handsome, the most perfect little face i have ever seen. and the rolls. yum.

and his gorgeous big sister was a rockstar!

his parents are in trouble, look at these lips!

this beautiful baby is a true miracle. born 10 weeks early, and perfect in every, single way. it doesnt hurt that she has the worlds sweetest parents. so honored i got to be there for scarlets newborn photographs!


seriously, this sweet baby is so unbelievably pretty. we had the best time!

one of my favorite families ever. they are the sweetest kids, and mom is awesome. plus, this morning, we got to chase turkeys, so...a great day!

my boys will fight over isabella one day, i am 100% sure of this.

swoon, love this mommy, baby photo!

i have a special place in my heart for this little man. he has the worlds sweetest mom and his big brother is such a rockstar. love him, sweet, sweet baby!

i am so, so honored to have been chosen as the photographer for this gorgeous newborn. such an angel, and totally a daddys girl from the get go. swoon...

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